Winery Methane For Electricity

 - Nov 16, 2007   Updated: May 19 2011
References: theglobeandmail
Canadian award-winning winemaker Inniskillin has teamed up with alternative energy firm StormFisher Biogas to use grapes leftover from wine production to make electricity. The grapeskins and seeds, previously shipped to landfills, will now be used to produce methane gas that will be used as fuel. It is anticipated that up to 2,000 tonnes of wine by-products will be recycled in this fashion.

Implications - According to Bruce Nicholson, who is a senior winemaker and Inniskillin, the "partnership is a win for residential power consumers, a win for Inniskillin, a win for StormFisher" and a "win for the environment". It certainly is encouraging to see a eco-friendly initiative like this get taken seriously.