- Jul 9, 2013
These creative fruit innovations prove that beyond the numerous health benefits they offer, fruits are capable of so much more than just keeping the doctor away.

The way food is packaged and sold in grocery stores is changing. Less packaging is preferable, and one clever way to replace something even as small as a sticker is to laser-etch a logo right onto fresh produce.

Oxidization is an undesirable, but inevitable part of buying a piece of fruit. However, there are products that work with this process rather than against it. For example, companies like the Culinary Misfits and 'Ugly Fruit' make use of less-than attractive, but edible fruits.

Fruit provides fuel for healthy bodies, but if it's past its prime, it is also capable of powering clocks, playing music, acting as a video game controller and lighting up entire billboards.

From Laser-Etched Produce to Rot-Preventing Fruit Sprays: