The Juice Box Phone Charger Package Uses Clever Marketing Tactics

 - Apr 7, 2013
References: johnlewis & blog.2modern
Considering some of the biggest phone companies are named after fruits, and the fact that power is often referred to as "juice," it actually makes a lot of sense for a phone charger package to be shaped like a fruit juice carton.

'Juice' is the brand responsible for this sweet and humorous design, and is playing on the irony of companies such as BlackBerry and Apple, creating power outlets compatible for both and calling them "Juice for your BlackBerry" and "Juice for your Apple" respectively. Turning electronic stores into grocery stores, there is even a 'Multi Juice' version for the universal charger.

While the actual chargers and outlets are fairly standard in design, the fun and fruity phone charger package is what will make this brand's product line stand out to younger consumers on the store shelves.