Chiara Andreatti Gives Dishes a Whimsical Look with Salad Ink

 - May 31, 2013
References: chiaraandreatti & thisispaper
Designer Chiara Andreatti has launched her Salad Ink collection, a line of dishes that emulate the various fruits and vegetables that are theoretically placed upon them.

Similar in concept to the arts and crafts done by children in kindergarten, the patterns are done by slicing foods such as artichokes, pineapples and lemons in half, dipping them in blue ink and using them as stamps to create a whimsical series of prints. The disarming simplicity of this collection is amusing and refreshing, incorporating an air of youthfulness and irony into the classic set of dishes.

Set the table with the Salad Ink collection of dishes by Chiara Andreatti and fill up every dish with volumes of fruits and veggies for a fresh setup that is suitable for spring and summer fiestas.