Canned, Fruit Flavored Luxury Oxygen On Sale

 - Apr 23, 2006
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As far as the "new" canned oxygen product goes, it's not just plain ol' pure oxygen. You don't think that marketers would attempt to sell oxygen in a can without spicing it up and making it a bit more "extreme". Why breathe flavorless, odorless oxygen; when you can breathe "Mountain Breeze", or "Mint Escape". Canned oxygen manufacturers are creating all sorts of flavors and essences to add to their oxygen products including lemon flavor, Eucalyptus, cherry, mint, and a host of others. If you thought bottled water is big, wait until this product hits full stride. If you said to yourself back in the eighties, "who would pay for water in a plastic bottle", you might not want to miss out twice. The market has proven that ideas such as this, built on a foundation of being pure, fresh, and clean; can be destined to succeed.