The Airee Deodorizer is the Natural and Eco Way to Foster Pleasant Scent

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: quirky
A foul smell goes deeper than a mere offense to the senses. There's the risk that its source is harmful, and you're breathing it into your lungs. The Airee Deodorizer is ideal for those who are skeptical about the substances in store-bought air fresheners, inviting you to concoct your very own in the kitchen.

A C-shaped compartment made from ventilated plastic provides space inside to fill with ingredients like baking soda, orange peels or perhaps your favorite potpourri. The gradual diffusion of the citrus smell and the odor-eating properties of sodium bicarbonate produce an effective and natural aromatic solution for reeking rooms and stinky gym bags. The reusable aspect of the Quirky Airee Deodorizer also makes it economical and eco-friendly to delight your sense of conscience.