Culinary Misfits Use Disheveled Fruits and Veggies to Cater Events

With the large quantities of food wasted each and every day, it’s no wonder that Germany-based caterers Culinary Misfits are taking it upon themselves to put otherwise disposed of foods to better use.

Many different kinds of produce are rejected by grocery stores and chefs based solely on appearance. These are the fresh items that the innovative minds over at Culinary Misfits are snatching up to create items that are as healthy and delicious as their prettier counterparts. The small company claims that nearly half of harvested crops are either wasted or fed to animals instead of being consumed by humans, and their only crime is being ugly.

While the grassroots caterers are currently only in Europe, one might see similar projects popping up in North America due to the increasing awareness of waste habits and continuing efforts to lower consumption.