Brock Davis Banana Peel Trucker Hat is Wonderfully Whimsical

The Banana Peel Hat by Brock Davis is just one part of Davis's small-scale intervention artworks. This miniature creation is sure to add personality and pizzazz to your delicious sliced fruit.

The motivation for the banana peel trucker hat was less for the artistic appeal and more to cheer up Davis's grumpy children in the morning. Davis stated that he, "had this idea to make a quick banana peel trucker hat for the bananas to wear using the peel of the banana. this cheered them up and it made the banana look relatively hip." For an extra touch to this banana's toque, Davis added the little stickers that usually accompany bananas to serve as a logo.

For more creative and quirky creations by Davis visit Brock Davis's site.Photo Credits: designboom, itistheworldthatmadeyousmall