Aussie Brew Goes Green

 - May 7, 2007
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Last July, Trend Hunter reported that Anheuser-Busch was entering the organic beer market. Now, Aussie beer brand, Foster's is looking to hop on the green living wagon. Manufacturers of the Australian brew have been experimenting with scientists at University of Queensland to concoct an eco-friendly beer.

Through the use of sugar-consuming bacteria, the new brewing site turns waste waters into clean energy. With a $115,000 government grant to fund the environmental project, a microbial fuel cellâ€"which works like a batteryâ€"was installed at the brewery near Brisbane. The “battery” generates electiricty and clean water after the bacteria feed on brewery wastes like sugar, starch and alcohol. The waste water is biodegradableâ€"it is expected that the waste waters from the brewery cell will produce enough energy to power a regular home. Fosters hopes to see the new advances up and running by September.

They Irish may have coined the term, but the Aussie's innovative “green beer” could gain year-round popularity, not just at St. Patty's day.