29 Cutting Edge Laptops And Notebooks Worth Fighting For

 - Jan 26, 2009
Is your laptop or notebook worth fighting for? For Gerald Mccullouch, it certainly is. The CSI actor attacked a man attempting to steal his laptop on a NYC subway.

Mccullouch could have been seriously hurt by the knife-wielding mugger, but losing his computer was not worth it to the actor, so he punched his attacker in the chest. No one was going to get in the way of his iPhone charging and YouTube editing!

Our computers are key parts of our lives; yes, they’re key for communication, but that can be replaced by new technology; losing memories like photos and confidential information in documents, however, is devastating.

Though they didn’t say what type of PC Gerald Mccullouch was using, we let our fantasies run wild with a few cutting edge PCs in the cluster worth fighting for.