The Tech Chair

 - Jul 14, 2008
References: treehugger
Are you a sun worshiper that's also addicted to gadgets? Meet the Tech Chair, a solar powered lounger that will allow you to nerd it up under the summer rays without draining your laptop or MP3 player batteries.

The solar powered chaise lounger has an overhang that creates comfortable shade so you can look at your laptop while also charging your electronics as its made of solar paneled fabric. It has built in GPS, speakers, WiFi antenna and a sliding table to plunk your laptop on.

The lower portion of the Tech Chair, which was designed by PC World, has plug ins for all your electronics, including a camera, mp3 and video docks as well as a gaming device holster. In addition around shoulder height, the lounger has a headphone socket because hey, although most people like to listen to tunes while they tan, not everyone has neighbors who appreciate the same music.

While you're at it, why not throw on a solar powered bikini too?