The Mercedes Infoxication Commercial Compares Cars to Changing Society

 - Mar 15, 2011
References: mbusa & adsoftheworld
The Mercedes Infoxication commercial takes on a different view when trying to describe how its vehicles differ from others. The advertisement takes you on a journey through impeccable art sculptures and installments such as different-colored salt hanging in shakers with a plasticine man avoiding them with an umbrella. There is also half of a face installed in a wall with a mouth spewing hundreds of water bottles.

The Mercedes Infoxication commercial states that there are thousands of options people have to choose from, "but luckily there remain some decisions that make themselves." I feel that this commercial is a way for Mercedes to let their customers know that when it comes to cars, they have the goods. Mercedes wants people to feel like choosing a vehicle can actually be easy, unlike the struggles of daily life choices.