The May 2011 Ford Lobo Print Ads are Head-Turning

 - May 7, 2011
References: adsoftheworld & coloribus
At first glance these print ads look as if they are for a super cool wrap-around car! The May 2011 Ford Lobo ads are done by ad agency JWT Mexico, and showcase a cool new rear-view camera feature. Three different print ads have come out since last month: one featuring a kid picking up a soccer ball, another with an elderly woman and one with a dog laying on the driveway. Each of the print ads shows a scenario to which the viewer can relate. These are things to think about before reversing: "Who is behind me?", "Where is the dog?" and "Where's Grandma?"

The May 2011 Ford Lobo ads not only capture our attention by looking cool, but they also give viewers an indication as to why you need their product! The print ads are eye-catching and make you feel like you're playing with fire, driving without their new rear-view camera—and no one likes to get burned!