Redheads Going Extinct?

 - Aug 26, 2008
References: science.howstuffworks
I read the August issue of National Geographic last year that had a lovely article on redheads and their populations around the world. They made one mention that some people out there believe the ginger-haired may someday become extinct, and the false rumors FLEW!

Although copper locks may be a recessive trait, the real scientists agree that unless all carriers die out at once (during a big-bang dinosaur moment perhaps?), that we are likely to have these gems around for a long time.

Obviously being a fan of red hair, and attempting on several occasions to paint my own strands with home-dye kits, this picture gallery seems a nice treat. Redheads always look classic and new in a sea of black, brown and blond, no matter what fashion season it is, or whatever is the latest hairstyle.

However, I must leave you with the all-important question: Do you ever wonder why we don't call it Orange hair?