From Angelic Redhead Photography to Colorful Candy Tresses

 - Oct 28, 2013
Autumn is the perfect time of year to splash some color into your mane and these autumn-colored hairstyles are here to inspire you. Many people love going red for fall because it looks so glamorous against the brightly colored trees and stays radiant as you enter the grays of winter.

Whether you're timid and prefer the brownish-red auburn look or if you want to go fierce Cheetos orange, there's a look that's just right for you. From purple pixie cuts to sunshine blonde, these hairstyles have a spectrum of popping color that look hot and alluring.

This season of change is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to your hair. Go with the big chop and dye it red; get out there and show your colors! Autumn-colored hairstyles are back in season so hop on this hairy bandwagon.