From Angry Angelic Editorials to Fiercely Foggy Photography

 - Mar 29, 2013
These stylish Solve Sundsbo editorials shine light upon the remarkable Norwegian photographer. Sundsbo has in the past worked as a creative director, evident in his demonstrated ability to execute imaginative high fashion photoshoots.

Tied to Sundsbo's name and brand are angry angelic editorials and fiercely foggy photography. While it is true that Sundsbo has executed an assortment of productions, stemming from his upscale collaborations with Love Magazine, Vogue Homme International and Vogue Japan, it is also true that he has remained meticulous throughout.

Given his knack for precision, he has also been a central figure among couture labels such as Carter, Gucci, Kerastase and Chanel Beauty for which he has executed large scale marketing campaigns.