The Freak by Solve Sundsbo Makes a Point of Punk Style

To say the very least, the Freak by Solve Sundsbo makes up a truly startling series of images. The bizarre back and white photographs can be found in the VMAN #23, and explore the uncomfortable fringe of punk fashion in a way that remains cleanly composed and crisply captured.

The edgy styling is the work of Beat Bolliger who mixed classic garments like suit jackets, tuxedo pants and pressed white work shirts with velvety capes, studded corsets and heavily stitched leather apparel. James Pecis is responsible for the slicked, spiky and long stranded hairstyles while Ayami Nishimura tied all elements in neatly with careful grooming. The most arresting and unusual part of the Freak by Solve Sundsbo is the conical metal pins that protrude from Jacob Coupe's skin.