- Jul 11, 2013
If you're looking to make a statement with your outfit the next time you head outdoors, then these peculiar menswear looks will definitely give you some great ideas on how to express yourself through imaginative and eclectic designs.

While choosing to dress like everyone else is surely one way to stay hip and popular, blending into the crowd often results in lack of originality and personal touches. These peculiar menswear looks however, are showcasing outside-the-box styles and designs, most of which are shocking and visually compelling in design. By utilizing such techniques as fluorescent colors, unusually shaped accessories and wild geometric shapes, these menswear looks are defying expectation to create clothing styles that are beyond most people's comprehension.

From plastic comb crowns to odd pigskin pictorials, these peculiar menswear looks will certainly make a bold statement on runways and in fashion spreads.

From Clown Couture Runways to Masked Creature Editorials: