Beauty by Solve Sundsbo Pairs Blossoming Femmes with Flowers

Marking the second fabulously floral editorial this month by the same photographer, Beauty by Solve Sundsbo reminds readers of the promise of spring as they face the colder months of autumn and winter ahead. Vivid tropical flowers burst forth from magnificent bouquets, matched adjacent to the delicate features of a youthful female.

Model Sigrid Agren with her pixie haircut and her perfectly pale skin brings an exquisite freshness to this series of photographs, unrivaled by the natural splendor of the succulent blossoms planted within the pages. Stylist Patti Wilson was responsible for making the girl glow as flawlessly and radiantly as the lilies and the roses, decorating her with vibrant eyeshadows, richly colored lipsticks and full flouncy blouses. Beauty by Solve Sundsbo is finished off scrumptiously with a screen of clear water droplets over the entire surface of each image.