- Jul 19, 2013
Plants have a way of emitting a relaxing and harmonious feel and these beautiful botanical editorials do just that. Infused with vivaciously sprouting flowers and plants, these photos encompass an organic and raw appeal. The interaction between models and plants are also interesting and lovely; some models dive right into posing with the natural props, while others are merely adorned by them.

Some captures are strictly focused on vegetation. Because there are so many species of plants, plant-centered shots are diverse in content and style. Close-up still life images encompass the mystery and marvel of nature, exposing intricate details of leaves and flowers. Surrealistically edited images are all the more fascinating, portraying plants in an unfamiliar light. Plants are a popular choice for decorating sets, since the organisms instantly liven up its surrounding atmosphere.

From Romantic Garden Galleries to Pretty Plant-Infused Editorials: