From Chic Greenhouse Editorials to Glorious Garden Pictorials

 - Aug 14, 2013
There's something very soothing about spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the greenery and flowers, and these garden photoshoots are using those earthy references to infuse an ethereal and laid back touch to their garments.

Gardens can be a very relaxing place to spend some of your spare time. Whether you enjoy actually getting in the dirt to plant or simply just frolicking around and smelling the roses, enjoying the greenery outdoors can be a great way to ease stress or frustration. These alluring photoshoots all take place within a serene garden setting, serving to portray a very natural and whimsical overall appearance.

From glowing garden editorials to chic botanical spreads, these earthy garden photoshoots will definitely have you craving some floral-inspired ensembles for the summer season.