Celebrate the Agyness Deyn + Dr. Martens Capsule Collection

 - Aug 30, 2012
One of the latest fashion collaborations is the Agyness Deyn + Dr. Martens capsule collection, so to honor this edgy pairing, check out the English supermodel in her element with these badass editorials. Known for her boyish, yet feminine looks reminiscent of 60s fashion icon Twiggy, Deyn fills the fashion world with fun through her quirky personality and grunge-revival style.

There is nothing this rebellious woman is not capable of, from jumping naked from high buildings for a shoot to being one of the first (successful) singing supermodels. Deyn has been honored in mannequin form as well, as seen on purchasable Deer Dana tees.

Already venturing into music and film, she is sure to see success with the Agyness Deyn + Dr. Martens capsule collection.