Uglier With Length

 - Sep 13, 2007
References: limoshow
Some would say Ferrari is stretching style to the limit. Prom attendees would find it pretty difficult to loose their virginity in the stretch Ferrari. As shown in the video, the back is comprised of bucket seats placed side by side with full five-point harnesses.

Style Limousines is proud of their new invention, caliing it the "Supercar for the masses." The limo is made from a 360 Modena, and 9.5 feet of carbon fibre were added for the stretch. It has a top speed of 170 mph, made from 400 horsepower. Passengers climb in through 9 feet long gull wing doors.

Style Limousines describes their new ride, "Like the original car, the V8 engine is still visible through the rear glass window. Extra crash protection bars and carbon roll over hoops have been installed for safety. Between each pair of seats is a 10-inch flat screen monitor which relays images from cameras mounted on the outside of the vehicle."

"A six speaker surround sound system and slimline DVD have also been built in. Surprisingly, the car returns an average of 15mpg on the motorway and costs only £1,800 a year to comprehensively insure for passenger carrying duties."

The total cost of the project is thought to be around £200,000.