From Supercar Cameras to Fire Engine Luxury Bikes

 - Nov 22, 2011
Serious gear heads everywhere perk up your ears, because these fabulous Ferrari finds are sure to pique your interest.

Ferrari has long been regarded as the supercar manufacturer of choice. Ferrari's irresistibly seductive Italian styling and ferocious under-the-hood firepower makes these supercars an auto lover's dream. The covetable vehicles are not Ferrari's only claim to fame. In recent years the brand has been branching out and putting the iconic Ferrari spin on everything from cell phones and home gyms to children's toys and coffee makers.

With no signs of slowing down, Ferrari has proven that its unparalleled styling is adaptable and applicable to a number of objects. If you are looking to inject a little sex appeal into something, Ferrari is bound to fit the bill.

Constantly supplying the world with drool-worthy objects to lust over, Ferrari is and always has been the King of design and these fabulous Ferrari finds prove it.