Hanif Maraei's Ferrari FXF Pays Homage to the Iconic Car Company

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: designerspace & designbuzz
Ferrari doesn't make motorcycles, but that could all change with the Ferrari FXF. Iranian designer Hanif Maraei designed the Ferrari FXF to be lightweight, fast and stylish -- all core characteristics of Ferrari cars.

The Ferrari FXF was designed to run off of a hybrid gas/electric 2,000cc engine. The bike would be made from carbon fiber and fiberglass to keep things lightweight. The bike's tires are built into its frame to cut down on drag and keep the rider safe at high speeds. The handlebars of the bike are also built into the frame and stick out upright as opposed to jutting out from the sides.

Ferrari is strictly a car company, but designs like the Ferrari FXF do make you wonder if the company would ever crossover into the realm of motorcycles. You can see Maraei's Ferrari FXF here and decide for yourself whether the Italian stallion automaker should dabble in the world of two-wheelers.