Jekyll & Hyde

 - Jan 25, 2008
References: o-i & amsteeman
The unique, espoused glass bottles of Jekyll & Hyde showcase the two "alter-ego" liqueurs in an eye-catching fashion.

The 750 ml, 11" (280 mm) high curvaceous bottles, manufactured by Owens-Illinois through a blow-and-blow process hold two different products. The colourless transparant bottle shows the deep red of the 60-proof raspberry-flavored "Jekyll" and the other one the black of the 80-proof molasses-tasting "Hyde."

When a bartender pours them together into a shot glass, the black Hyde tends to float on top of the red Jekyll due to differing product viscosities and the difference in sugar quantity in each product. The brands also can be combined with other flavors and spirits, playing in with young adult drinkers' penchant to customize their cocktails.

Jekyll & Hyde, designed by Long Tail Libations Inc, a subsidary of beer giant Anheuser-Busch, is launched intenting to penetrate the market of spirits, which Anheuser-Busch entered to compensatie for the declining beer market.
The bottles are marketed in upscale bars and restaurants to stand on the back shelf of a bar, where they joined closely together show an intriguing promotional billboard. Spear Label Co printed the labels in 7 colours. The labels raised a particular problem as they had to be added on the bottles as close to the edge where the bottles meet as possible to enhance the promotional effect of showing one picture. The bottles have a aluminium screwcap from Alcoa and are filled by United States Distilled Products.