Hotel Unique, Sao Paolo

 - Jun 2, 2008
References: & otbeach
Hotel Unique in Sao Paolo, Brazil has incredibly modern interior designs as well as very high tech features. While the hotel's 85 rooms and 10 suites all look aesthetically fantastic, it's the curved wooden floors that transition into walls inside and the red-tinted swimming pool outside that merit the hotel worthy of its name.

"Alternately, the hotel resembles a cartoon boat â€" the face is weathered copper, with circular porthole windows, and the curved underbelly that would be the ship's bow and stern are paneled in wood," describes. "Ribbon-thin sheets of concrete anchor the fore and aft to the ground (and guard against the seeming possibility of the whole thing rolling over). The rooftop lounge is floored in wood, like the deck of an old ship, and the water is up here as well in the form of a deep crimson swimming pool."

Those who are fans of architecture will relish in the view from the hotel's rooftop poolside as it offers an absolutely breathtaking view of the Sao Paolo skyline.