From Rooftop Infinity Designs to Floating Balconies

 - Apr 22, 2012
Casual swims have been replaced with the desire for a lavish poolside experience, and these mind-blowing pools are upscale models, crafted in the interiors of high-end spas, hotels and sprawling mansions. The designs have little in common, aside from pervasive built-in and night-lite features. Architects have found ways to consistently deliver outlandish summertime structures, many of which are now following an eco-minded framework.

Rooftop infinity swimming pools and floating balconies have been noticed by droves of photographers and party hoppers. The blueprints followed here are unlike anything seen before, the result of which has been a widespread engineering shift. These unforeseeable constructions have made the standard basin obsolete, bringing about new submerged sporting activities for a talented class of swimmers.