Bizarre Invention From Bicycle Forest

 - Apr 23, 2007
References: bikeforest
Addicted to the treadmill at the gym, but missing the fresh air and scenic outdoors? Now you can tour your treadmill through the part and still get “the same fat burning benefits of a conventional treadmill without the membership fees!”

It's like those rolling walkways at the airport, only you can go anywhere. No one wants to be inside a sweaty gym on a beautiful summer day when they could be running on a forest trail or past vast horse stables in the countryside.

So why not just run on the trail itself? To protect your fancy cross-trainers, of course!

Still unsure of why anyone would want one? “Because the Treadmill Bike is also a mode of transportation, use it instead of your car for everyday tasks such as shopping, and traveling to school or your place of work.”

It could well be that this website is a farce. It's almost sure to be, with advice on taking it to the grocery store and a friendly reminder to “stock up on ice cream while you're there. You will have earned it!”