Save the World

 - Feb 8, 2007
All, Jump Out Of Your Cars! After all this environmental supportive campaign, started by Al Gore and supported by all the media of the planet (it was time!), bicycles as Strida3 are going to be even much more appreciated. If we want to contribute to the non-hottening-of-the-world (would not be cool, everyone in biquini for the most part of the year? just kidding...) but not want to pick up collapsed public transportation, you just have to own Strida3, the coolest designed bike ever, and you will even enjoy the experience!

British inventor and founder Mark Sanders came up with this ultra elegant and classy design after lots of thinking and has been selling worldwide this wining- awards model for 20 years. Behind its perfect design we have a very solid, excellent and hiper- portable bicycle that only weights 10kg (22 lbs). You can order it on or buy it in Colette (Paris) for 550€.