Bikefast by Philipp Drexler

 - Dec 13, 2007
References: yankodesign & slashgear
Have a tendency to skip out on breakfast? You know that's no good, but up until now, we've forgiven you. Now that we've discovered this bicycle-embedded plate, however, you'll have to get a whole lot craftier coming up with excuses.

Pop that bread in the toaster, slather on some jam, and toss it on your Bikefast plate. On your pedal to the office, stop at Starbucks and plop your joe in the cup holder.

Even if you're not skilled at single-handed steering, you can still manage to woof down the most important meal of the day while stopped at traffic lights.

Obviously the inventor, Philipp Drexler, wants to reinforce that you can save the Earth without skipping on that valuable first meal of the day.