Tandem Bike

 - Apr 10, 2008
References: dailytimes.pk
Taiwanese inventor Chen Yugang has designed the perfect bike for a date. The two seater bicycle can be used face-to-face, to get to know your date; but also it can be used back-to-back for when you eventually fight and don't want to look at each other.

His unique bicycle design can be ridden face-to-face, conventionally or back-to-back thanks to rotating seats and gears that can be set to move in either direction. The riding mode is easily changed within 10 seconds without the need of any tools

Yugang said, “On a traditional two-person bicycle, the rider in the rear seat can only see the back of the one in front. So I started wondering how I could get them sitting face-to-face.” He continues, “Face-to-face is suitable for a parent and child, or dating couples, while the back-to-back mode gives both riders a good view, and the one at the back can have both hands free to shoot pictures or eat snacks.”

It took him a year to build the bike, and he is in negotiations with factories to have it mass-produced.

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