Chris Gilmour Sculptures

 - Oct 18, 2007
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Chris Gilmour creates painstakingly detailed objects out of ordinary cardboard with extraordinary results.

"Packaging cardboard is, by its very nature, intended to contain but it is then discarded," BoingBoing said.

"Gilmour, however, uses it to contain the work's own identity and to highlight the displacement between the original object and the one made in cardboard. This displacement is marked by difference: his sculptures (and apart from the use of such a poor material, they conform to all the accepted precepts of sculpture) are not mere copies, but rather translations from life. This translation brings with it a process of knowledge- the knowledge of the small things within which the sense of daily existence is hidden."

Most of us find it hard enough to close cardboard boxes, let alone construct life-sized bicycles out of it.