35 Inventive Cardboard Creations

 - Dec 20, 2008
Cardboard is a truly magnificent material. Being itself produced from recycled material, it can subsequently be transformed or repurposed into other products, like furniture, lighting and fake cops. When you’re tired of that item, back it goes, to once again be made into a shoe box!

Another impressive thing about cardboard is its rigidity - things can be made from it without the need of glue, screws, or there fasteners. All you have to do is cut a couple slots in a few sheets, interlock the boards and there you go – a table!  The material is also very light, so large items can be made to hang or transport easily.

This awesome cluster of corrugated creations includes everything from bridges and beds to surfboards and bikes. There are some really creative ideas here and if you look closely, I bet you will find something that you can recreate yourself.