100% Recycled Cardboard Coat Hanger

 - Apr 24, 2008
References: greenhanger.au
The Green Hanger was born as a bid to resolve the ever-increasing problem of wire and plastic hangers ending up in landfills each year. When you choose Green Hanger, you are using a product that is attractive, functional and most importantly environmentally sound.

"The Green Hanger is a fully recyclable cardboard coat hanger made from 100% recycled material, comprising of post-consumer waste therefore no trees are cut down for the production of the Green Hanger," the Australian site says.

"Unlike other so called 'environmentally friendly' hangers, our production process doesn't involve the use of any glues, inks, or other non-renewable resources therefore you can be sure that our hanger is produced with total care for the environment."

It's an ideal solution for any garment business that wants to operate with minimal impact on the environment. Laundromats and fashion retailers discard millions of hangers everyday, but with the help of Green Hangers, they could drastically reduce their harmful impact on the environment.