Swirly, Modern and Eco-Friendly Cardboard Chairs

 - Feb 9, 2007   Updated: Apr 20 2011
References: cardboardchair & cardboardchair
With corrugated cardboard furniture you have all your bases covered. It's trendy, affordable, environmentally responsible and definitely fodder for conversation!

Implications - The seat has a curvy flexible structure that's pretty unconventional compared to the standard furniture pieces most are used to sitting in. The chair is made from "60 alternating horizontal/vertical layers of corrugated cardboard with hardboard end caps," according to CardboardChair.com. For the ultimate comfort, the texture is suppose to be similar to suede, giving it that smooth touch that most look for in a seat.

The chair has a strange design, but it's got a unique concept and it's eco-friendly. Plus, it'll be a nice addition to have in the home if you're looking for something that looks off-the-wall and interesting.