- Jul 31, 2013
Any homeowner looking to infuse a more sustainable and eco-friendly method into their living room decor are in luck, because these creative cardboard furniture designs are here to offer a spectacular eco alternative to other more ordinary furnishings.

While cardboard is ordinarily the type of material associated with packaging and shipping equipment, these creative furniture designs are showcasing that this otherwise simple material can be formed and shaped into all sorts of inventive structures. A great way to recycle old pieces of cardboard into useful and practical home furnishings, these eco-friendly furniture options will definitely have you living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

From condensed cardboard closets to foldable cardboard seating options, these creative furniture pieces are definitely a fantastically cost-effective and eco-friendly way to infuse your interior space with furnishings.

From Folded Cardboard Furnishings to Comfy Waffle Seating: