The Child Toting Zigo Leader

 - Sep 25, 2007   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: myzigo & trendhunter
The Zigo Leader is an innovative carrier bike that can change to one of four transportation objects. The first form it can take, a carrier bike, is a children's jogger attached to the front of an adult bicycle. The second, third, and fourth is child pod (stroller mode), child pod (jogger mode), and stand-alone bike. This modular design allows parents to buy only one piece that can be used for multiple situations.

Implications - Consumers are always looking to designers to create products that are accessible that will make their lives easier. This product is a great way to put the power in the user's hand by allowing them the option to use the product in any which way they desire. Businesses can capitalize by creating more products that are transformative and are useful in more than one way.