From Pregnancy to Toddlers

 - Jun 4, 2008
Mothers play such a dominant role in society, and as their worlds are infatuated with their little ones, particularly at their earlier life stages, we've created a cluster to show you all the neat innovations for mothers.

In addition, "mommy bloggers" are a growing demographic with tremendous purchasing power and social influence on and off the web. Not only do they use the internet as a form of connecting with other women for support, guidance and friendship, but it's been the launch pad for hundreds of successful mommypreneurs. They have the time and focus to dedicate to these startups while on maternity leave or as a part time job to being a stay-at-home mom.

They say the key to a successful business is passion, and there is nothing women feel more passionate about than their children.

Some of the categories in the super gallery include innovations in pregnancy, baby naming, fashion, diapers, baby bottles and pacifiers, cutting edge strollers and eco-friendly cribs, internet start ups and random innovations like roller coasters for babies and even baby toupees. Finally, the cluster ends with toddlers including cutting edge potty training techniques.