Metrolla Strolla

 - Apr 1, 2008   Updated: Apr 6 2011
Finally, a stroller that is designed to traverse stairs. The Metrolla Strolla is an awkward high-chair-on-wheels-looking-thingamajig that would also look good in any urban family's foyer (pronounced foy-a). Then again this baby-moving machine from designer, Dan Levin, looks like something off of robot wars or the movie, Beetlejuice.

Implications - The luxury baby market continues its stratospheric growth as expecting parents are sparing no expense on their bundle of joy. This discerning customer base prefers innovative designs that don't scrimp on style, so designers who wish to take advantage of this niche must envision futuristic strollers that improve on previous designs in terms of form, function or both for maximum appeal.