Unrestricted Relief

 - Sep 3, 2007   Updated: Apr 13 2011
References: product-reviews.net & msnbc.msn
The so called Diaper-free baby movement claims they can recognize their baby's signals indicating that they need to relieve themselves. Believers do not even diaper newborns, they wait for baby's signal and quickly aim baby's privates at the nearest convenient disposal facility/compost pile/tree and wait.

Implications - An example of this particular style of child-raising is Dominic Klatt whose signal for relieving himself is clasping his right hand around his left wrist. After seeing the signal his parent would bring him to the nearest available spot for him to do his business. To complete the process his parent then positions him and cues him to go by a gentle hiss. This is one way to save some money instead of buying packs of diapers.