From Bird Diapers to Bribing Nadya Suleman With Years Worth of Diapers

 - Feb 27, 2009
How big does Nadya Suleman want to score? I mean that in more ways than I. Nadya Suleman, or 'Octomom' as she's come to be called after giving birth to ocuplets earlier this year, has been offered a year's supply of diapers... provided she turns down a role in a not-so-kid-friendly movie.

"Vivid Entertainment said they would pay the mom of 14 the huge sum if she starred in one of their adult movies, and increased the offer to include health care for her entire family if she became a 'contract girl,'" Bild detailed.

Vivid's rival "with a conscience," Pink Visual stepped in offer her a 12 month supply of diapers instead. Now, diapers don't sound that valuable, but when you're a mom of over a dozen children, those diapers start to look pretty darn good. Not only that, but turning down the Vivid Entertainment offer could save her from becoming "an object of ridicule and scorn."

We've seen some wild diaper innovations, as seen in the cluster below, but never have we seen diapers so prominently featured in the media as now thanks to Nadya Suleman. Check out more diapers trends below.