gDiapers Flushable Disposable Diapers

 - Sep 21, 2008
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Disposable diapers are the third largest consumer item pumped into landfills, and they make up around 4% of all solid waste. While most people want to be as environmentally responsible as possible, the prospect of spending hours laundering mountains of cloth diapers is incredibly unappealing to exhausted new mothers, even eco-friendly ones.

gDiapers have created the world's first flushable, compostable diaper, which marry the greener attributes of cloth diapers with the convenience of the disposable variety.

gDiapers are composed of three elements: a stylish washable outer cotton layer called the little G pant, a washable waterproof inner layer and a flushable absorbent insert.

The flushable insert works very much like a feminine hygiene maxi pad. When it comes time to change your baby's diaper, just remove the insert, flush it down your toilet and replace it with a new insert.

The gDiaper starter kit includes 2 little G pants, 4 waterproof inner layers, and 16 flushable inserts.