Tattoos For Tots And Piercings For Preschoolers

 - May 7, 2007
References: littlecabbage & tattoos4toddlers
The trend of tattoos and body modification is still going strong as artists branch out to include just about every demographic including children. In fact, there are shops opening up that specialize in body art specifically for kids. One such shot is called Tattoos 4 Toddlers. They offer a special needle-free process that lasts for up to a decade and is pain free.... they claim to have tattooed babies as young as 6 months old. Needles and Diaper Pins is another shop geared towards kids. They specialize in piercings and body modification for children. It's really not surprising that these shops are opening up. What is suprising is how popular they are among parents who are all too eager to rush out and make (or allow their little kids to make) long-term decisions on a whim.