Bullet-Proof Baby Stroller

 - Aug 23, 2007   Updated: May 25 2011
References: bulletproofbaby.net & slashgear
BulletProofBaby.net sells a baby stroller that is touted as being 100% bullet proof, an accolade reserved for products such as swat team body armor and military tanks. It even stops Armor Piercing rounds. What better way to test a bullet proof baby stroller than to put a baby in one and open fire. Seriously. Check out the video.

Implications - The featured video is actually hard to believe! The adorable baby gets handed over and placed in the bullet-proof baby stroller. The woman then takes fire at the stroller while the baby is secured inside. When she takes the baby out, he seems completely unfrightened! Hopefully you won't need a bullet-proof stroller for your little one.