Bebe Sounds

 - Jan 17, 2008   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: amazon & inventorspot
Bebe Sounds comes with two headphones so you and your partner can listen to to what your fetus is up to. This isn't a sophisticated Doppler machine; it just amplifies sounds like your babies' heartbeat, the TV or the toilet flushing.

It's a neat invention, but needs to be used in a quiet room.

"Bebe Sounds helps you to feel closer to your baby without having to wait for that next prenatal appointment!

When you find out you're pregnant, the next nine months can be an exhilerating time. It can be difficult to wait for the next doctor's appointment, as many upcoming moms feel anxiety over the condition of the baby. With a fair compromise between worrying and going all Tom Cruise creepy with his own ultrasound machine, Bebe Sounds serves up a prenatal heart listener perfect for you and your spouse to share."

Implications - The modern parent is looking to experience a much more interactive pregnancy, with products looking to assist that goal being released on a regular basis.