Diaper Dude

 - Mar 26, 2008
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The Mr. Mom movement is growing stronger by the day, with more fathers participating in the hands-on parenting process, some even choosing to stay home with the kids while their wives go out and win the bread.

To help these dads connect, the makers of the Diaper Dude (which we featured last year), have launched a website with resources, communication tools, an advice section called Ask the Dude, and a video channel called DadTube.

Like they say on the site, "It's not just a bag. It's a movement."

"Diaper Dude is a lifestyle and a Brand that was born from the idea that fatherhood doesn't have to be complicated or xxx (un-cool)," the site explains.

Founder Chris Pegula launched the brand after the birth of his first of three children when he was frustrated that all baby bags and accessories were geared towards women. He was inspired to turn "feminine-style diaper bags into ones that dads would want to carry."

"Instead of carrying his baby-stuff around in a gym bag or backpack, Pegula created The Diaper Dude for dads. By merging hip styles with functionality, The Diaper Dude appeals to image-conscience men everywhere looking for ease of use."

It's a fantastic idea, especially with more modern men willing to take on roles traditionally considered feminine.

"To date, he has helped hundreds of dads get into the groove of parenting by approaching fatherhood from a fun, realistic and relaxed perspective."

The online store includes everything from the original Diaper Dude bags to baby clothes even guys would enjoy shopping.