Bio-Degradable Baby Poop Scoop Bag

 - Dec 19, 2007
References: freddysays & freddysays
Baby Poop Scoop Bag—Scoop it, bag it, bin it!

Having a child is never easy. One moment they spill milk on your carpet, the next, they poop on the floor. If you’re liberating your baby from diapers, you have no choice but to scoop up after them.

Thankfully, there has never been a better product to help with the job than the Poop Scoop Bag from

The handy bags are 100% biodegradable so you won’t hurt the environment. A 100 pack will only cost you £5.00.

From now on, you can start cleaning up the mess with a smile instead of grim on your face. The most important thing is, you can stop buying all those doggy pooper scooper bags and give your precious little ones something a little more suitable.