32 Crappy Innovations + Tea Leoni And Billy Bob Thornton Stars In 'Manure'

 - Oct 17, 2008
Tea Leoni is starring in a "Manure" a new film which, I must say, has one of the oddest names I've seen in film.

Dung is probably not the first thing that comes to mind you think of Tea Leoni, but if indie flick is a hit, at least she could have fun when she attests it was a pretty shitty claim to fame. Her costar Billy Bob Thornton, who plays a 1960s American manure salesman, could second that.

Although bathroom humor was once thought to be for the immature, Trend Hunter has actually featured a range of crappy innovations for adults. To see what I mean, check out the manure-themed slide show below, as our tribute to the strangest named Tea Leoni film we've heard of.

(Note: Photos above area photos of Tea Leoni and Billy Bob Thornton in Manure)