Pile Of Poop Soap

 - Jan 24, 2007
References: nopeitssoap & strangenewproducts
This Pile of Poop in a bag is actually a coffee scented soap. What would you need that for, I asked myself as well. According to the manufacturer it's fun for kids in the bath, in the office or if you can't find a better wedding gift. The only things I could think of were some great pranks, or, if you have kids, wash their dirty mouths with it. The website states "Every pile is handmixed and individually formed, so 100% unique. It smells fantastic and its a great soap, if you can get yourself to use it." Strangely, there are others in this business as well. Sweetsoaps sells different kinds of poopsoap including Santa, Elf and Christmas Tree poop soap.

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